Aim-Force One Dongle : Real-Time Force Feedback

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We were planning on releasing June 30, 2017.
The modules are ready and so are the software utility updates.
Unfortunately our Solenoid Kits that go inside the guns are not quite ready yet.
They are taking longer then expected to produce.
Rather than releasing them separately, we are going to delay the release for ~2 weeks.
This will give us enough time to have both available at the same time.
To sweeten the pot, we will be offering 20% off our recoil kits for a limited time when they are released.

New release date: July 16, 2017

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* This Aim-Force One Dongle adds programmable recoil to your Arcade Guns Light Gun or Ulitmarc Aimtrak Recoil Light Gun (Note: Solenoid, Mosfet Board, Cable Harness and Power Supply ALL SOLD SEPARATELY!).
* Simply plug the Aim-Force One Dongle into your PC and connect your light gun directly into the Aim-force One Dongle on the other side. Your computer will automatically detect the Aim-Force One Dongle as Plug-n-Play. No Drivers needed.
* Choose from Automatic or Semi-Automatic Modes, for fast rapid recoil or single shot recoil.
* Adjust the Recoil Rate to change how fast the gun recoils.
* Adjust the Recoil strength for a more powerful kick back.
* Game Hooks allow real-time recoil from MAME games, just like in the arcade. Games that don't have recoil outputs can be individually customized for Automatic or Semi-Automatic modes to match how the game plays.

Adjustable Force Feedback

Game Hooks : Real-Time Force Feedback

Absolute Minimum Requirements:
* Gun Firmware Version 9.19 or higher.
* Arcade Guns Pro Utility Software Version 2.9 or higher running on your PC.
* Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 10 Operating System (Linux/Android/Mac Not Supported at this time).
* Works with Arcade Guns Light Guns that have the Solenoid and Wire Harness Kit along with a 16v Power Supply Unit, all of which are sold separately.
* Also works with Ultimarc Aim-Track Light Guns Recoil Edition. The recoil edition of this gun has a Solenoid, Mosfet Board, Cable Harness and Power Supply (A true 24v 5A power supply is strongly recommended since it will produce a very strong rapid recoil. 36v 3A Power Bricks are NOT recommended due to not enough True Amps when in Automatic Recoil mode; it also produces more heat at 36v in the solenoid then at 24v)
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