Aim-Force One Complete Recoil Add-On Kit - Arcade Guns V2

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This Aim-Force One Complete Add-On Kit give you everything you need to add Real-Time Recoil and Rapid Recoil to your Arcade Guns V2 Light Guns!

Note: When this is purchased at the same time as our light guns, we will pre-install them inside your guns at no extra cost. Please let us know at time of purchase if you DO NOT wish to have them pre-installed inside your guns.

Note 2: If you already own a set of our Arcade Guns V2 Light Guns, this kit includes detailed instructions on how to install everything.

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What's In The Box:

* 1 Aim-Force One Dongle.
* 1 12ft USB/Power Cord with Attached 16v Power Supply.
* 1 Solenoid with Attached Mosfet Board.
* 1 8-Pin Power Connector.
* 1 1-Pin Signal Connector.
* 1 Power Cord - Type B (US).
* 1 Screw Driver for opening the Gun and Installing the Kit.
(Note: Screw Driver is not included if we pre-install this kit inside your light guns at time of purchase)

Minimum Requirements:

* This Aim-Force One Complete Recoil Add-On Kit only works with Arcade Guns v2 Light guns. V1 Guns require a different kit, which may not be available for sale yet!

* Your Light Guns need Firmware Version 9.19 or higher to work.

* MAME Versions Supported: 0.47 to 0.71, 0.76 to Newest (Versions 0.72 - 0.75 don't work with MAME Outputs in Windows).

* Arcade Guns Pro Utility Software Version 2.9 or higher running on your PC. Note: Version 3.3 added the Heat Sensor Monitor which monitors heat produced from rapid recoiling. Version 3.3 or higher is the recommended minimum version.

* Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 10 Operating System. Windows XP doesn't work with our software!

* Linux/Android/Mac are NOT Supported at this time.


90 Day Limited Warranty.

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