IR Sensor Bar (Cased)

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  • Model: IR-BAR-C
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This cased Infrared (IR) sensor bar is designed to work with up to 4 Arcade Guns™ light guns at the same time. It sits on top of a computer monitor or TV and uses IR emitting technology to communicate with your light guns.


* Compatible with Arcade Guns™ light guns using Ultimarc® AIM-Trak® IR tracking camera module.
* Powered through USB cable.
* Size: (W)6.125" X (H)0.5" X (D)1.385"

What's In The Box:

* Cased IR sensor bar w/ 5ft USB cable.

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For What They Charge, they should offer some
by Lou

Didn't even last 2 years. I didn't use it/ the guns that many times, maybe 6 times at the most. I kept the IR Sensor bar plugged in a USB port all the time. I recently upgraded the computer in m MAME cabinet. When I plugged in the IR Sensor bar nothing happens. Windows doesn't react at all. I unplugged everything that was plugged in USB ports. I then plugged the sensor bar again and nothing. Windows doesn't react at all. I assume the IR Sensor Bar is dead. I ordered a new one today for $24.86 with shipping. Not that much money but still a pain for it to fry so soon. With this new one, I'm not going to leave it plugged in a USB port. I'm going to use a USB extion cable and only plug it in when I'm going to use the guns. Hopefully it will last longer.