Extreme Modified AimTrak Recoil Light Gun Kit (By Arcade Guns)

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Our Extreme Modified AimTrak Recoil Gun Kit isn't just a re-sold retail Aim-Trak gun with extra add-ons. This is our modified gun that will out perform the competition in every way.

With our extreme modified edition guns, we reinforce the solenoid mount for rapid recoiling. We also add an extra filter to the camera sensor which eliminates nearly all light interference and gives you perfect calibration and tracking. We also correct the camera lens angle for maximum field of view, through a special technique. The corrected camera lens angle fixes known issues with Aimtrak guns where it can be difficult to calibrate the gun. Our extreme edition also include Aim-Force One, which is our new revolutionary dongle that allows you to enhance the guns recoil with customization such as rapid automatic recoil or semiautomatic recoil settings. These customizations are on a per game basis in MAME. Soon we will offer more customizations for any light gun game. Recoil response is amazing and Real-Time Recoil for MAME actually interacts with the games just like in the arcade!

We test everything to make sure your guns are working perfectly! That includes prepping the Solenoid and adjusting the light bar(s) if needed. You don't get this kind of service when buying these guns from anyone else!

If you choose to buy our premium power supply, it supports up to 2 guns from a single power supply, so you only need one power supply for 2 guns! This power supply is far superior to the brick type power supplies that are usually used with these guns and gives consistent clean power to each gun. Our power supply comes pre-wired so it's ready to plug in and play. If you want to use your own power supply, you can chose the no power supply option from the drop down above.

Each gun also has it's own serial number and Arcade Guns logo on the bottom of the gun, so you know that you are buying an authentic product from Arcade Guns!

Minimum Requirements:

* MAME Versions Supported: 0.47 to 0.71, 0.76 to Newest (Versions 0.72 - 0.75 don't work with MAME Outputs in Windows).

* Arcade Guns Pro Utility Software Version 3.5 or newer running on your PC.
Note: Older versions of our utility software will no longer recognize the Aim-Force One Dongle. You must upgrade to a newer version of our software.

* Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 10 Operating System.
* Linux/Android/Mac are NOT Supported at this time.


We give you a 1 year limited warranty from us, Arcade Guns, which protects you against defects in manufacturing and normal home arcade use.

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