Dual Arcade Guns v2.0 Blue/Red Gun Kit

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  • Model: V2-BLUE-RED-G500
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IR Sensor Bar:  


Our Dual PC light gun kits come with everything you need to get started - two high quality light gun, an infrared (IR) sensor bar and a detailed user manual. With this kit you will be able to get in the action and feel like you are in the arcade playing your favorite classic shooter games! Being arcade fanatics ourselves we have generally been dissatisfied with the existing selection of arcade style light guns on the market. So we decided there was really only one solution, to make our own! Our company was built on this dissatisfaction and from this we came up with the most well designed arcade style PC light guns available to the public…hence the birth of Arcade Guns™!

We only use quality parts in our light guns so that you will enjoy them for years to come. Our light guns’ response time is extremely fast and accurate, making it more about skills, and less about excuses. They were engineered to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand and stay cool for hours of gaming due to the revolutionary mesh design in the handle. The buttons are strategically placed so that you can use one or two hands and have access to all of the gun’s functions. We even designed the trigger to have the perfect pull resistance so that you get the overall best accuracy when pulling the trigger.

Our sensors come from the leader in light gun technology Ultimarc®, and our snap action switches come from the leading switch manufacturer Cherry®. Our light guns have the highest camera sensor angle available. No other infrared PC light gun on the market will function as close to the screen as these will. They were designed by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts, for home arcade action! You will be happy you chose Arcade Guns™ light guns!

Ultimarc - AIM-Trak Sensor
Cherry - Arcade Snap-Action Switches

* MAME® (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) Compatible.
* PS2 & PS3 Guncon2 Mode (Time Crisis II, Time Crisis III, Time Crisis Zone, Vampire Night, Ninja Assault).
* Compatible with all televisions, displays and monitors (LCD, LED, Plasma, CRT...etc).
* Off-screen reload lets you shoot away from the screen to reload the gun, just like in the Arcade.
* Real-time tracking allows you to see the cross-hair move on the screen as you play. No more flashing screens when you pull the trigger like the old NES Zapper!
* Ultra quiet gun body. Our light guns fit together perfectly so that parts don't rattle around inside and make unnecessary noise.
* Get closer to the action with these light guns. They can be used at a wide range of distances from the screen and will function as close as 3ft from a 17in monitor, 4ft from a 27in arcade monitor and 5ft from a 42in wide screen TV.
* Use up to 8 of these light guns together for an ultimate light gun shootout.
* All of the plastic gun halves, buttons and triggers are MADE IN THE USA.

What's In The Box:

* 2 Arcade Guns™ Light Guns w/ 10ft USB Cable.
* 1 IR Sensor Bar (Choose: "Regular Cased" or "Regular Non-Cased" or "Super Non-Cased").
* This is an OEM Product (No Retail Box).

User Manuals:

Arcade Guns User Manual PDF
AIM-Trak® Setup Guide PDF


* Operating System: Windows Windows Vista 32/64bit, Windows 7 32/64bit, Windows 8 32/64bit, Windows 10 32/64bit.


* Powered by Ultimarc® AIM-Trak® IR tracking camera module.
* Firmware upgradable to add functionality.
* IR sensor bar works behind glass for home arcade cabinets.
* Detected as a HID mouse and joystick.
* Pointer is programmable, via software, to replicate a mouse in absolute mode or a joystick.
* Buttons and Trigger are all programmable on and off screen, via software, as mouse and/or joystick buttons.
* All buttons/trigger use long lasting, professional grade Cherry® snap-action switches.
* Easy calibration by holding down the large button for 10 seconds (Default).
* Ready to use out of the box. No software necessary.


IR Sensor Bar (Light Bar) Information:

Note: Only 1 Light Bar is needed for up to 8 Guns.

Regular Cased IR Sensor Bar: Recommended for Computer Monitors, Televisions and Arcade Machines up to 32” in size. Not recommended for TVs and Projectors larger than 32”. Comes with attached 5’ USB power cable. Works up to 6’ away from the screen.
(The recommended distance from screen for the regular cased light bar is 3' to 5' measured from the nose of the gun to the light bar. If you are too close to the screen the gun wont track correctly and can cause the pointer to move inconsistently with your gun movement)

Regular Cased

Regular Non-Cased IR Sensor Bar: Recommended for Arcade Machine Cabinets with monitors up to 32” in size. Integrates professionally into cabinets by drilling holes in the bezel just above the monitor. The IR LEDs poke through the holes from behind the bezel. Excellent choice for those do-it-yourself people. Comes with attached 5’ USB power cable. Works up to 7’ away from the screen.
(The recommended distance from screen for the regular non-cased light bar is 3' to 5' measured from the nose of the gun to the light bar. If you are too close to the screen the gun wont track correctly and can cause the pointer to move inconsistently with your gun movement)

Regular Cased

Super Non-Cased IR Sensor Bar: These new super light bars work great with Televisions and Projectors up to 100” in size. Recommended for screens ranging from 32” and 100” in size. Not recommended for screens smaller than 32”. Comes with detachable 10’ USB power cable. Works up to 12’ away from the screen.
(The recommended distance from screen for the super light bar is 4' to 9' measured from the nose of the gun to the light bar. If you are too close to the screen the gun wont track correctly and can cause the pointer to move inconsistently with your gun movement)
Regular Cased

Internal Electronics:

A) 3 Cherry brand mechanical snap action switches with real gold contacts.

B) Aimtrak tracking module for Line-Of-Sight aiming.

C) Modular add-on pins for adding Aim-Force One recoil kit (Aim-Force One Complete Recoil Add-On Kit Sold Separately).

D) Standard mini USB connector.

E) Torsion Spring for perfect trigger pull resistance.

v2.0 Internal Electronics

F) Screw terminals for externally powered Aim-Force One recoil kit (Aim-Force One Complete Recoil Add-On Kit Sold Separately).

G) Screw terminals for USB connector.

H) Screw holes for attaching Aim-Force One recoil kit (Aim-Force One Complete Recoil Add-On Kit Sold Separately).

Product Rating
Awesome light guns and outstanding customer s
by Brendan

The light guns are awesome, good quality and simple to use. I can't recommend enough - if you are in the market for light guns to buy from this site. The customer service is also outstanding. Very happy all round.

Product Rating
The Best Arcade light guns
by Saiyan_Vegeta_X

I bought a set of the Dual arcade guns back in 2012, they are an excellent build quality. customer service is top notch as well. will gladly recommend to friends and family.

Product Rating
Amazing except the handle button
by Wolf-5

They work really well, super easy to calibrate and good responsiveness. Manual does a great job explaining how to calibrate and if you have specific issues. It tells you how to configure the MAME ini file and how to set it up in the program.
Only flaw I have found is the useless positioning of the handle button. Always in the way.

Product Rating
Shooting love
by Blashyrk

I finally broke down and bought the dual gun kit, and I am so glad that i did. The setup was super easy, the manual is really well writren and after 10 minutes i was shooting zombies and other nasty creatures in house of the dead, dinosaurs in jurassic park, bad guys in virtua cop 1 & 2 and loving every second of it. If you are in the market for light guns this is the kit you want. The quality of the guns are top notch, they are worth every penny. Excellent customer service and super fast shipping.

Product Rating
Fun, Fun, Fun!!!!!
by TheStingrayOne

These guns are great a must have if you have a MAME cabinet. Can't say enough about arcadeguns.com excellent support and a great company. I had several questions and the responded quickly.

Product Rating
Excellent light guns and Outstanding customer
by Brian P.

These light guns are awesome! They bring me back to a time when arcades where all over. But I do have to say I did run into trouble when it came to configuring these guns to MAME, but Eric was really patient with me and he helped me to get the light guns configured to MAME. I do believe Arcade Guns has one of the best, it not the best customer service in the country. If I could I would give 10 stars instead of 5. This is going to be the only place I will buy light guns. Because I know if I have a question or 2, Eric and his staff will help me out. Well done guys!!

Product Rating
very helpful
by jokerstanley

these guns work very good for pc games, and the customer service is great

Product Rating
Why dont you aleady own these?
by evilgrizz arcade

Customer service is AWESOME with this company. These guns are better than awesome. They also ship SUPER FAST. I own an arcade cabinet that was originally a Street Fighter Zero. I put in a computer loaded with mame and bought these guns. I was playing in about 15 minutes. Just read the instructions. In order to play with two guns at once, you will need to install a free program. This will allow your computer to recognize them both seperatly. Just remember that when you install them, you will need to have them plugged on one at a time, in different usb slots. That way your computer knows they are different devices. If you ar eusing mame, try to know what you are doing, and try to familiarize yourself with changing the control types within the mame settings. These guns are WELL worth the money. The sensor bar does not have any screw holes, but some velcro (which is what I am using) or some double sided tape will easily hold it in place where you need it. If you have any questions on whether you should get these or not, then let me help...GET THEM. No other guns are better or even equal. I priced out putting them togather myself and it isnt worth the headache or cost, as a matter of fact, you are not going to save any money doing it yourself. The price is right, and the guns are perfection. Oh yeah, I also bought the USB Hub and two USB extensions. Very worth it. I priced them all at radio shack and they wanted a ridiculous amount for them. You will want an extension for your sensor bar, but the gun cords are extra long.

Product Rating
Very Accurate, Great Quality,Good Looking
by 05FLHRI

These arcade guns have brought new life to my game cab. Starting with outstanding documentation, these guns are EASY to install and use. But the best part is how accurate and comfortable they are, even after long gaming sessions. The buttons are placed perfectly, and provide a nice crisp feel. I went with the black triggers and buttons, and think that they look awesome. It is obvious that these guns were designed and built by gamers. And with Ultimarc electronics inside, I'm sure they will last for years to come. I would recommend these guns to everyone!

Product Rating
Dual Arcade Light Guns and Super IR Sensor
by Scott

I purchased 2 of the Professional Edition guns along with the Super IR Sensor bar. I have a Windows 8.1 64-bit machine. Using my 75" flat screen, they work beautifully, even from a distance of over 15 feet. The guns are built extremely well, with no loose parts and triggers that feel like they can last a long time. Even in my sunny room without the shades drawn, the guns work well. Beyond that, Arcade Guns customer service is excellent. Eric has responded promptly to any emails requesting assistance setting up any specific game or The Troubleshooter software, and has even gone out of his way to run some testes on a machine that matches my own to help diagnose issues. Though they are a little expensive, the guns and working with Arcade Guns has been a wonderful experience.