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This is Aim-Force One! This amazing Dongle adds programmable rapid recoil to your Arcade Guns Light Gun or Ulitmarc Aimtrak Recoil Light Gun.

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Real-Time Game Hooks:

Interactive Game Hooks gives your guns real-time recoil outputs in MAME games, just like in the arcade. The recoil rate matches the game you are playing. If the ammo is gone in the game, the gun stops recoiling. If the recoil slows down in the game, so does the recoil inside your gun! There is nothing else like this available on the market today. Even if the original game didn't have recoil outputs, Aim-Force One is pre-configured to match the recoil rate for every MAME gun game, so there is nothing else that needs to be configured. This is all fully customizable of course, so you can make adjustments as you see fit!

Game Hooks

Game Hooks

Game Hooks

Game Hooks

Simple Installation:

It is simple to use and install. Just plug the Aim-Force One Dongle into your PC and then connect your light gun directly into the Aim-force One Dongle on the opposite end. Your computer will automatically detect the Aim-Force One Dongle as Plug-n-Play. No Drivers needed.

Note: Each Light Gun needs its own Aim-Force One dongle, so make sure to purchase enough for all of your light guns. Once you try Aim-Force One, you will wish you had it the whole time!

Easy Customization:

Choose from Automatic or Semi-Automatic Modes, for fast rapid recoil or single shot recoil.

Adjust the Recoil Rate to change how fast the gun recoils.

Change the Recoil Pulse Length to reduce or increase the heat produced by the solenoid.

What is Recoil Pulse Length anyway?
Recoil Pulse Length is the length of time the solenoid holds the plunger in, for each recoil. Heat is produced when the solenoid holds the plunger in for longer periods of time. Shorter pulses are typically better when rapid recoiling, which in turn will allow for faster rapid recoiling. Also, if the solenoid holds in the plunger too long between recoils, it doesn't have enough time to release the plunger before the gun recoils again, and the recoil appears to be weak.

Force Feedback Customization

Long Lasting Recoil:

Worried out Heat produced from Rapid Recoiling? No need to worry, we have you covered! New updates to our Arcade Guns Pro software v3.5 and higher monitors Heat produced from rapid recoiling and automatically cool things down for you. This is fully customizable of course so you can choose your desired maximum heat setting, and our software will automatically throttle your recoil down for a short period of time to allow things to cool down. Our software also labels everything that produces heat, so you can choose lower heat options to avoid throttling in the first place. One setting that reduces heat is the Recoil Pulse Length. By lowering the pulse length it will reduce heat and gives you longer play time without throttling your recoil to cool it down.

Recoil Heat Sense Monitor

Minimum Requirements:

* Gun Firmware Version 9.19 or higher.

* MAME Versions Supported: 0.47 to 0.71, 0.76 to Newest (Versions 0.72 - 0.75 don't work with MAME Outputs in Windows).

* Arcade Guns Pro Utility Software Version 3.5 or newer running on your PC.
Note: Older versions of our utility software will no longer recognize the Aim-Force One Dongle. You must upgrade to a newer version of our software.

* Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 10 Operating System.
Linux/Android/Mac are NOT Supported at this time.

* Aim-Force One works with Arcade Guns Light Guns that have the Solenoid and Wire Harness Kit. Light Gun is Sold Separately!

* Aim-Force One also works with Ultimarc Aim-Track Light Guns Recoil Edition. The recoil edition of this gun has a Solenoid, Mosfet Board and Cable Harness. Power Supply is sold separately.

Arcade Guns Light Guns

Ultimarc Aimtrak Light Gun


Lifetime Limited Warranty.

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