Super IR Sensor Bar


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Works Great! Must have for couch sniping!
by Cronos

The "stock" sensor seemed to do the job okay on the 37" LCD in the game-room... just as long as you were within 5-6' of it, but we like to sit back about 8-10' and blast stuff from the comfort of the couch and that just wasn't working so well. This SuperIR sensor Bar fixed that with a charm and everyone is loving some zombie sniping from a distance now. Installation was easy although I was baffled at first when the bar didn't seem to work. Winds up you need to mount this so that the tops of the LED lights are aimed towards you, not the ceiling. PHEW! Would've given it five stars if it had a stealthy case option as it is a bit unsightly sitting on the face of a TV frame. But make no mistake... does what it says it does very well!