Dual Arcade Guns v2.0 Blue/Red Gun Kit

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Why dont you aleady own these?
by evilgrizz arcade

Customer service is AWESOME with this company. These guns are better than awesome. They also ship SUPER FAST. I own an arcade cabinet that was originally a Street Fighter Zero. I put in a computer loaded with mame and bought these guns. I was playing in about 15 minutes. Just read the instructions. In order to play with two guns at once, you will need to install a free program. This will allow your computer to recognize them both seperatly. Just remember that when you install them, you will need to have them plugged on one at a time, in different usb slots. That way your computer knows they are different devices. If you ar eusing mame, try to know what you are doing, and try to familiarize yourself with changing the control types within the mame settings. These guns are WELL worth the money. The sensor bar does not have any screw holes, but some velcro (which is what I am using) or some double sided tape will easily hold it in place where you need it. If you have any questions on whether you should get these or not, then let me help...GET THEM. No other guns are better or even equal. I priced out putting them togather myself and it isnt worth the headache or cost, as a matter of fact, you are not going to save any money doing it yourself. The price is right, and the guns are perfection. Oh yeah, I also bought the USB Hub and two USB extensions. Very worth it. I priced them all at radio shack and they wanted a ridiculous amount for them. You will want an extension for your sensor bar, but the gun cords are extra long.